Sentieri Selvaggi

SSB 012
Release date 1995


“Sentieri Selvaggi” is a band made up by some of the best Italian musicians, soloists of extraordinary instrumental virtuosity coming from big bands and chamber groups, together for a cultural project who would like to touch, with the contemporary classical music, the big audience. “La formula del fiore” proposes a view on Italian musical scene, with authors and songs showing several and different characteristics. The particular styles of Ludovico Einaudi, Filippo Del Corno, Giovanni Sollima, Carlo Galante and Carlo Boccadoro, marked by an immediate comunicativeness, let their music to be enjoyed also from those listeners that normally escape from the classical music of today, not seldom properly understood. The success, that still now accompanied the authors of this CD, testify the presence of an interested and justified audience; we refer to popularity reached by the ballads for piano by Einaudi, enclosed in the soundtrack of the last Nanni Moretti’s movie, or the growing international interest for Sollima, whom the last record was produced by Philip Glass, or the big spread of the recording project “Nigun” made by Boccadoro featuring Moni Ovadia.