Mario Biondi

SC 455
Release date 2011


Schema Records is proud to present

“CHANGE OF SCENES”(Mario Biondi)  including:

 • new and unreleased recordings 



TRACKLIST CD“Change of Scenes” (remixes)


01.A Little Piece of My Life*

02.No Mercy for Me - “re-worked by A. Magnanini”

03.On a Clear Day (You can See Forever) - Today Mix “Performed by Was-A-Bee”

04.A Handful of Soul - Takin’ The Live Mood

05. I’m Her Daddy - Daddy’s Point of View Version

06.This is What You Are - The Brazilian Rime

07. I Can’t Keep From Cryin’ Sometimes - “Inner Mix Part 1”

08. I Can’t Keep From Cryin’ Sometimes - “Walk in Blues part 2”

09.Slow Hot Wind (Slow Hot Version)

10.Rio De Janeiro Blue - In “The Invisible” Club Mix Extended

11.This is What You Are - Dim’s Hipster Jazz Version by “Dimitri From Paris”

12.But Not For You - Vocal Demo Version*





Alex Lugli(drums)

Alessandro Magnanini (acoustic and electric guitar, spanish guitar keyboards,effects, bass, drums, percussion)

Carlo Tallacea(bass)

Cesare Malfatti(electric bass)

Corrado Terzi(tenor saxophone)

Daniele Scannapieco(tenor saxophone)

Dora Nicolosi(background vocals)

Enzo Frassi(electric bass, double bass)

Fabrizio Bosso(trumpet solo, trumpet)

Francesco Montisano(alto saxophone)

Franco Capiluppi(trumpet)

Gianfranco Marchesi(trombone)

Gianni Azzali(flute)

Giovanni Guerretti(piano solo, piano, piano fender, horn arrangements)

Giuseppe Di Benedetto(trombone)

Lorenzo Tucci(drums)

Luca Mannutza (piano)

Luciano Cantone(drums)

Marco Bianchi(piano fender)

Marco Brioschi(trumpet, flugelhorn)

Mauro Ottolini(trombone)

Patrick Benifei(piano fender)

Pietro Ciangalini(double bass)

Sandro De Bellis(congas and percussions)

1.A Little Piece Of My Life
2.No Mercy For Me (Re-Worked by A. Magnanini
3.On A Clear Day (Today Mix performed by Was A Bee)
4.A Handful Of Soul (Takin' The Live Mood)
5.I'm Her Daddy (Daddy's Point Of View)
6.This Is What You Are (The Brazilian Rime)
7.I Can't Keep From Cryin' Something (Inner Mix Part 1)
8.I Can't Keep From Cryin' Something (Walk In Blues Par
9.Slow Hot Wind (Slot Hot Version)
10.Rio De Janeiro Blues (in The Invisible Session Club Mix
11.This Is What You Are (Dim'S Hipster Jazz Version by Di
12.But Not For You (Vocal Demo Version)