Alex Puddu


Alex Puddu is one of the most direct and creative artists and composers of our days; a multi-instrumentalist with visions and skills.

He was born in Rome in 1967 and moved to Copenhagen, Denmark in the summer of 1987. He began his music career as a drummer at the age of fifteen.

He is truly devoted to the Italian vintage sound of the giallo/poliziottesco and horror movies from the early seventies: Jazz/percussive, psych-groove. His work is inspired by soundtrack maestros such as Piccioni, Umiliani, Cipriani, Morricone, Ferrio, De Masi and Micalizzi.

Alex Puddu released his first solo album “Chasing The Scorpion’s Tail” with his cinematic band Alex Puddu and the Butterfly Collectors on the Danish label April Records followed later by four other albums.

Over the past couple of years (2010/11), Alex has been very productive, working on new sounds and compositions for soundtracks – writing, arranging, and producing no less than four soundtracks: “Eastern Army”, “Mosaic”, “Hell is Other People” and the latest: “The Golden Age of Danish Pornography”.

His second solo album “Registrazioni al Buio” has been released in September 2013.

* * *