Fabrizio Bosso & Javier Girotto Latin Mood

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Founded by trumpetist Fabrizio Bosso and saxophonist Javier Girotto, Latin Mood features a bunch of great artists. Tango, milonga, chacarera, candombe, everything springs and sparkles under the jazz banner. Born for the 2006 edition of Brianza Open Jazz Festival, the quintet has two leaders: on one side Turin native Fabrizio Bosso, on the other argentinian Javier Girotto, italian by adoption. Bosso’s hard bop meets Girotto’s latin world on the fruitful soil of improvisation.

Original tracks by Javier Girotto, Natalio Mangalavite – he couldn’t be anywhere else but here – and Fabrizio Bosso.

At electric bass we have Luca Bulgarelli; Tucci’s drums and Marcozzi’s percussions complete the ensemble.

Latin jazz has been influencing jazz and other music genres since years. Just remind the ‘Spanish Tinge’ by Jelly Roll Morton or Tito Puente’s orchestras or Stan Getz’s great commercial success with bossanova.

Boppers also, from Charlie Parker and Bud Powell – with his classic ‘Un Poco Loco’ – to other great musicians (like Mingus, Dorham, Joe Henderson, just to name a few) approached with love, curiosity and respect latin world and its themes.