Free Flow

Released: 1996

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Since ever, the wish to “contaminate” has pushed musicians of different cultural background to join forces in order to research new areas of expression and new directions. It is exactly that type of situation that united two jazz musicians as Tino Tracanna and Roberto Cipelli with the dance producer Enrico Colombo, even if these days such a mixture doesn’t represent a novelty, this project is full of meaning and creativity.

The creative side of “Free Flow” comes from the fact that the dance element contained in this album has a primary role, such quality can be easily found in “Space Vibes”, “Free flow theme” and “Jazzy spliff”. We can also find some soulfull jazzy excursions in the tune “Get closer” sang by Laura Piccinelli from “Vibrazioni Productions”. In the other moments of this excellent work like “Espresso Groove” and “Play it cool” the rhythm groove has a role of accompaniment were the improvisations can flow freely, leaving more expressive space to the musicians involved. It is this free flowing the philosophy behind the project.