Giorgio Azzolini

Released: 1999

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A record that is not like many others. In recent times there have been quite a few jazz recordings in Italy, but each of theme is the result of a great amount of work and very careful selection. Maybe that is the reason why every new jazz record may be considered different from the others.

This one, which I’m proud to present, is the result of the desire, the planning and the direction of Giorgio Azzolini, a well-known Italian double-bass jazz player and one of the most passionate supporters of this kind of music. Born in La Spezia on 29-3-28, Giorgio Azzolini studied in Florence with maestro Antonio Godoli and built up his profile within the jazz circuit thanks to a long period in the Basso Valdambrini Quintet and to many performances in various jazz festivals. Throughout his career he performed has with innumerous artist like: Buddy Collette, Stephan Grapelli, Bobby Jaspar, Chet Baker, Hellen Merrill, Gerry Mulligan, Lars Gullin and Herb Geller.

In regards to this album, important contributions were made by great musicians like Franco Ambrosetti on trumpet, “Gato” Barbieri on tenor sax, Dino Piana on trombone, Renato Sellani and Pocho Gatti on piano and Lionello Bionda on drums. This international line up conferring to the album’s sound a creative musical variety for different scenarios. Technically, this is also achieved by different line ups: “Tribute To Someone” is performed by sextet, “So What” and “Too Blue” by a trio, “Sometime Ago”, “The Stroller” and “Hiroshima” by a quintet.

Pino Maffei