Guido Manusardi Trio

Released: 2015

  RW 141 CD | EAN: 8018344021416 | Buy CD



I think that the title of this album is perfectly congenial – ”Metamorphosis” as for “profound transformation in form and structure”. I have known and listened to Guido, born in 1935, for more than 40 years and consider myself as an expert of his impressive musical production since his debut in 1966.

Guido is a full-blooded swinger and his playing is firmly rooted in the tradition. Surprisingly, after listening to this record I hear and find a pianist astonishingly original and dynamic playing with a moving fluidity and freshness.

Especially his original compositions do perfectly reflect the essence of his current playing with changing moods and situations of remarkable harmonic complexity.

This is a proof of absolute maturity and creativity. A record to listen to with attention and concentration.

Giovanni Bianchi