Paul & Mark

Released: 2003

  MI 2032 CD | EAN: 8018344030326 | Buy CD



The title reflects the fact that we feel we’re a bit of a pair of repairers and also a bit of inventors who, instead of pliers and hammers use music instruments, sound effects, sounds belonging to every day’s life coated with music. It’s our way to cut a space for ourselves, where we can direct emotions and (why not?) the most unfathomable dreams.

Thanks to new trends, new thoughts (those animated by conscience and wisdom), thanks to Lounge, to Deep House, to Chill and mostly to Jazz, the father of them all. Thanks to all that’s music, to the countries it comes from and that give it color, expression, shades. Thanks to the men who, through their minds and souls, create music; we hope they do so focusing their effort-pleasure to evaluate and not to destroy the fairer nature which is common to all beings. Thanks to what we can’t see but that’s here, everlasting journey mate.