S-Tone Inc.

Released: 2022

  SC 726 | EAN: 8018344217260



“(Got To) Move On / Rosa Da Ribeira” continues the series of edits and remixes from Stefano Tirone aka S-Tone Inc.’s latest studio album, “Body & Soul” (2020, SCCD/LP493); this 7” is also a preview of the forthcoming release of a project named “Body & Soul – The Disco Experience” where Stefano, with the help of some of his faithful collaborators, reinvents and transforms into a new boogie disco groove dress the entire “Body & Soul” LP.

Both songs here combine nu-disco with late ’70s funk / soul / dance, Stefano’s first real ‘musical love’: a way therefore to underline his unconditional passion for the music that represented his youth and, at the same time, the awareness of the inevitability of the modern times we live in.

“Got To (Move On)” is an up-tempo song with a leading pulsating bass that sees the participation of Afra Kane, a Nigerian singer who has lived in Italy, England and Switzerland, and who gives ‘black’ shades to the songs with her splendid voice.

“Rosa Da Ribeira”, sung by Toco with the additional backing vocals of Priscila Ribas, Luzia Dvorek and Gui Hargreaves, shows off an exotic touch given by the Brazilian melodies and the Portuguese lyrics, and is further enriched by Gilberto Tarocco’s baritone sax and Randy Freeman’s trombone.