S-Tone Inc.

Released: 2001

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Stefano Tirone, aka S-Tone Inc., has always declared Soul and Black Music as his two biggest passions. This natural gift for music has always stayed alive as his two previous albums “Love Unlimited” and “Free Spirit” testify. Without omitting his back-ground yet crossing over into new musical horizons, Stefano makes his debut on Schema Records with this new single that is anticipating the release of his future album. Stefano confesses that he had somewhat lost the incentive to produce and compose, but a few new productions from the international panorama, physiological evolutions from the genres such as Acid Jazz, Samba, Bossanova, Electronic Jazz and the Black culture transmitted somewhat of a charge to him.

Side A – “La Boca del Rio” (the mouth of the Rio), an elegant rhythmic expression in which the clave in Bossa, the bass drum in 4/4, and the counter-bass create a substantial compactness of style where warm violin and piano melodies flow and the improvisation on the fender piano by Fabrizio Bernasconi is very noteworthy.

Side B – “Rendez Vous à Minuit – for those who bought Break N’ Bossa Chapter 4 this is track n° 2 on the CD.