S-Tone Inc.

Released: 2013

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Three years after “Sobrenatural” and after last year’s production of the Brazilian artist Toco, S-Tone Inc. (Stefano Tirone) releases his fourth album, that is the natural evolution from the previous works but with a more acoustic and intimist approach than in the past.

The title “Luz Y Sombra” represents the dualism that one can find also in music, that is in fact made of light and shadow, of solar tracks and of introspective, nocturnal compositions. Part of the inspiration derives as always from Brazilian music but also from the vocal jazz of the 50’s and the record alternates reflexive moments that evocate smoky jazz dens to more rhythmical moments that are projected in contemporaneity of the clubs where the 4/4 bass drum mingles with the melody of vocals and flutes.

Several musicians from the Milan jazz scene took part to the recordings and a rhythm section of double bass and drums is present in all the track. Among the others, it’s worth mentioning the contribution by Laura Fedele in various tracks both as vocalist and co-writer and Marco Brioschi on trumpet and Beppe Caruso on trombone, as well as a string quartet that is conspicuous in the opening track. The other vocalists are Toco, Adi Souza and Luciana Cury for the tracks sung in Portuguese, Manuela Ravaglioli and Angie Brown.