Stefano Ghittoni


Agitator of the psychedelic Italian scene during the early 80’s as founding member of Peter Sellers & The Hollywood Party.

“Colori” is the the first solo album by Stefano Ghittoni, that follows the release of the single “Derek Jarman Blues” (released in April of 1996). Produced with “Che”, a.k.a Cesare Malfatti (La Crus), it combines the different tendencies and styles gathered by Stefano over his continuous DJ action and explores, with this background, new possible solutions. The album also features the greatly appreciated vocals of Patrizia Di Malta and Laura Piccinelli (Vibrazioni Productions). Stefano Ghittoni is one of the most active artists at Ishtar.

Under different pseudonyms he has conceived different and interesting projects: The Dining Rooms, his main project, together with Cesare Malfatti (Milano 2000 and Schema Records); Double Beat (under Big Sur); Vuca, together with Stefano Tirone (under Schema); Sem’bro, the latest chapter of the couple Ghittoni/Malfatti together with the drummer and singer Dodo NKishi (under his own label Summer Dawn).

* * *