Ukitusa Quintet

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Starring the multi-awarded vocalist Cleveland Watkiss and pianist Antonio Figura, “Ukitusa” was recorded in July 2011 in an open, mountainous region of Northern Italy in a peaceful town in the vicinity of Udine.

Five musicians from three different countries came together with open ears and hearts to create a special collection of music. The genesis of the band was interesting. Through Antonio Figura, the nuclear member of the group, each of the musicians had some prior contact with at least one other member of the band.

The music recorded in those two days demonstrates a shared experience with various improvised and composed music, European, American, African or otherwise. It will be interesting to see how the sound of this band expands in concept and depth as it concertizes.

The chemistry among the musicians in the sessions was exciting and full of potential.

Ukitusa begins to tell a story of common experience, differing expressions, and all through the desires of five men to communicate their stories.