Various Artists

Released: 2001

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The melodies in “Speech of sound” are prevalently defined as “electronic music”.

In this compilation there are incursions of Deep House with the tracks by Nova Nova, Inland Knights, and Buscemi. Representing the down beat genre and the intriguing dead beats, Dzhian & Kamien, Muki, and the incredible track by Bonobo. Also important is the “Dedication” to the “Innovating” artists who have created the contemporary dance scenes, like Ashley Beedle (appearing on the album with the Black Science Orchestra project) and Peshay (with the hip hop track “Summer in the City”).

Tommaso Toma, the compiler, has also dedicated special attention in this album to some of the most talented Italian artists: Soulstance, fragmentOrchestra, and Stefano Ghittoni aka The Dining Rooms.