Alessandro Scala Quartet

Released: 2013

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The new album by Alessandro Scala connects itself to the fertile and alluring scene of contemporary Hard-Bop that is constantly proving its quality with solid results, especially in Italy. This work is a perfect balance of traditional influences and contemporary inspirations, an intense and fruitful study that leads to a new, rich and articulate way of expression. Through his original compositions and the intense dialogue with trumpeter Fabrizio Bosso and trombonist Roberto Rossi, Alessandro consciously builds a sparse and sometimes lyrical language, enhanced by the rhythm section provided by Nico Menci, Paolo Ghetti and Stefano Paolini. The result is vivid and bright. Another valuable piece has been added our considerable Jazz history.
Paolo Fresu

What I’m trying to do is to let my feelings and emotions spring out of my music. My compositions are spontaneous and natural, written during special moments of my life.