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Blue Spirit Studio – Mixing desk

“Blue Spirit” recording studios were carefully designed around the principles of room acoustics to create a set of spaces with the acoustical properties required for recording sound with precision and accuracy in total respect of the natural timbre of sound of musical instruments (both live, isolation booth and control room treatment through the use of absorption an diffusion materials on the surfaces of the room, consideration of the physical dimensions of the room itself in order to make the room respond to sound in a desired way and also soundproofing to provide sonic isolation between the rooms, etc…).

Conceived and designed for sound recording and mixing by the acoustician Josif Vezzoli of JVAcoustics, “Blue Spirit” at Edizioni Ishtar, consists of a “Live room”, where instrumentalists and vocalists perform, an “isolation booth” to accomodate loud instruments such as drums and to keep these sounds from being audible to the microphones that are capturing the sounds from other instruments or vocalists, a “control room” with a very balanced sound that gives you a true listening experience without compromise which houses the equipment for recording, routing and manipulating the sound, and a “machine room” where noisier equipment that may interfere with the recording process is kept.

Two pre-production rooms, Studios B and C, are connected to Studio A as well to gain facility-wide access to 48-channel Solid State Logic Duality Console.

The technical project has been prepared by Tommaso Colliva.

Our studio will be at the disposal of every producer and artist on our extensive roster.

For example, one of our larger labels, Schema Records, produces jazz in all of its expressions,
Our musical ideas for this label and others draw inspiration from the warmth and intensity of the 1960s and 1970s and we needed a studio that would give us a sonic intimacy while delivering a fully competitive modern sound.

The studio was built to support (and not only) recording proects for release of Ishtar’s various record labels (Schema, Rearward, Summer Dawn, Sensible Records, etc…) which feature a wide range of music styles.

The intention for the new recording facility is to further the ambition of creating an entire industry around different sounds and styles encompassing all aspects of creating and disseminating content.

Now that we have our recording studio complete, we can offer artists and producers the full package of recording, labeling and our expanding international market. We are interested in crafting the sounds that bring out the best in our artists and audience.