Double Beat

Released: 2004

  BS CD 007 | EAN: 8018344120065



Double Beat is a project by Stefano Ghittoni, member of The Dining Rooms, and the talented young producer Marco Rigamonti. Both of them are DJ’s and they met in the late 2002 at the Magazzini Generali club in Milan, when Marco joined Stefano as resident DJ for Wednesday nights (Stefano has been playing there since 1986 and they are both still working there). Their cooperation started in the Summer of 2003, when Stefano listened to an old school breakbeat funk demo by Marco and offered to produce it. While producing the track, they realized that the vibes were good and decided to write more tracks. That’s how the Double Beat project was born!

The duo spent the late 2003 and the early 2004 in a studio, producing new tracks for their debut album. In the meantime, Big Sur Recordings (Schema’s sublabel run by Stefano Ghittoni himself) released the first two singles by Double Beat. After the release of the two singles, all very appreciated by artists like Rainer Trüby, Quantic, Faze Action, Nu Tropic, Michael Rutten, Robin Hoffman, etc, Double Beat’s album has been released in November 2004 under the name of “International Funk Music”.