Released: 2022

  SEM 101 | EAN: 8018344391014 | Buy EP 12"


MASSIMO NAPOLI is a DJ from Catania with a passion for jazz and black music. He began his musical career in the early 90s playing funk, hip hop, and acid jazz in clubs, contributing to the spreading of the most eclectic and refined sounds in Sicily.

Departing from club culture with particular emphasis on electronic dub, Galathea unfolds into many influences and styles, making it a unique listening experience. Mediterranean culture, afro and cinematic melodies, jazz, spiritual echoes, and soothing beats lead the listener into a subliminal escape, where the fluidity and the convergence of genres freely progress into a dream-like journey.

Afrique,” the melody and the rhythmic Nigerian Afro-funk blend with dub tonalities into a subtle listening experience, enriched by Kadi Koulibaly’s vocal performance in the unreleased video version for the first time on vinyl.

Sunset Dub” was written in collaboration with musician and producer Salvo Dub; the song starts with a dynamic and percussive session and progresses into minimal dub tones and electronic. An alternative vibe version of it never released before is the perfect blend for a barefoot dance by the sea.