Released: 2023

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Two years after the release of his first self-titled album, DJ producer Massimo Napoli aka Galathea presents the new ‘Sacred Love’, in which he once again avails himself of the collaboration of his friend producer and bass player Salvo Dub, as well as a combo of respected musicians: singer Kadi Koulibaly – originally from Burkina Faso – already featured on the first album, Giulia La Rosa, author of the lyrics and performer of the title track, pianist Mario Pappalardo, percussionist Sergio Spitaleri and drummer Luciano Cantone.

‘Sacred Love’ is definitely a more mature, intense and profound journey than the previous album of the same name, which enhances the magical dreamlike and spiritual atmospheres of a certain African culture.

The album guides the listener along a path of multi-ethnic contaminations: “Divinité”, “Ouaga” and “Koloko”, well interpreted by Kadi, touch on the sacredness and mysticism of the African continent and blend well with the Spiritual Jazz sounds that have evolved in the West.

“Divinité”, through the spoken word of French poet Diego Hernandez, tackles the themes of faith, life and the relationship with one’s ‘self’, with references to French chanson productions, in which Kadi’s spiritual song, at times ‘Saharan’, intersects and expands into cosmic space.

The title track, the first single from the album, also released on 7″ (45rpm) in two versions, is an Afro-American gospel with a typically afrobeat rhythm, vaguely reminiscent of Nina Simone’s ‘See-Line Woman’.

North Africa is represented by “Equator”, while we climb further north into the middle of the Mediterranean Sea with “Medican Blues”, to land in Stromboli with the Deep Jazz of “Ginostra”, whose title recalls the village of the marvellous island in the Aeolian archipelago.

Then we have the Cuban track “Caminito”, a sort of Cha-Cha with a romantic piano melody (à la Chucho Valdez) well performed by maestro Mario Pappalardo; and then again “Eos”, strongly Balearic with a Brazilian mood; “Impression”, a dreamy journey of impact; “Sirens”, already present on the first album and here reworked in a new Spiritual-Ambient version produced by Agosta.

“Sacred Love” is thus an original and musically borderless album, which expands a certain African sacred culture and naturally blends Afrobeat, Jazz and Blues atmospheres with the Balearic sounds of Mediterranean culture.