Released: 2024

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‘Right Of Me’ is an incandescent and refined excerpt, like the entire new concept of the album ‘Peaceful Sound For Broken Minds’ due out on Feb. 23rd 2024. The plan of Salvo Dub from Catania aka Go.Soul.Map does not stop here – we are in front of an artist with an exceptional creative phase, a hothouse of sparkling ideas that flow out in continuous streams like the lava of Etna in its full eruptive activity.

As with ‘Pushing’, ‘Right Of Me’ is always presented in a Nu-disco key, super Dance in a formula full of Pop and Soul enriched by keyboard sounds. Salvo comments on how proud he was of this track, which is certainly the strongest track on the whole album, and it is no coincidence that it was chosen as the second single. The performance and refined voice of Derane Obika complete the work, her lyrics touching a deep state that explores the relationship with one’s self and faith.

In conclusion, we can say that in a world where artificial intelligence will only numb our creative stimuli, there is no shortage of creativity here and at the same time, more unique than rare, Go.Soul.Map. remains firmly anchored to its roots beyond passing fads in a space of pure simplicity and creative essence alongside its friend Derane Obika.