Released: 2004

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The name TRICIU derives from the place Muro Leccese, near Lecce in the deep south-east of Italy, where in 1994 a spontaneous activity of Salentine traditional music originated. Lead by the photographer and video-clip maker Fernando Bevilaqua, who grouped together around ten “bad” boys ready to take over the traditional celebrations, cultural associations and any other situations where the drumming sound of tamburello could be found in the area.

In this spontaneous beginning of a scene linking old forms of music expressions to new interpretations of the same, some characters even appeared from the Salentine reggae music scene: like Sud Sound System, Italian reggae heralds of international fame, who did improvisations on the tamburelli drums on the “Terra De Menzu”. TRICIU is the place of tradition, not only for music but for historical and artistic meanings. In this district actually the signs of millenary history still resist the test of time.

MASCARIMIRÌ, whose music background is in the Italian rock scene, developed a conscience for Salentine traditional music. Thus they were born. And after may years of work, they produced this new Cd. The concept behind it represents a challenge: finding a way to make contemporary traditional music using Salentine traditional music. The result in this recording is rather innovative. The sound of Pizzica takes new shapes in sound…Punk tarantulated versions mix with dub-punk tarantulated versions. These sounds create new Pizzica dances too. And there is also space for cross-cultural contaminations. When the Salentine rhythm “tambureddhu” meets with Pop Raï. Finally TRICIU, is a piece thought between the Salentine Pizzica and Ragamuffin, a sound broadly spread among the young ones and written precisely for them, as a testimony of this Salentine place and its importance.