Nicola Conte

Released: 2000

  SCEP 326 | EAN: 8018344113265 | Buy EP 12"



First in a series of remixes from Nicola Conte’s “Jet Sounds” album, this new EP gather the already huge version of “The In Samba” from Japan new stars Kyoto jazz massive with Thievery Corporation interpretation of “Bossa per Due”, a tune that seems to be timeless.

Kyoto Jazz Massive version of the lounge samba track is really a nu-jazz masterpiece with fast samba rhythms, jazzy Fender Rhodes and the dreamy sweet vocals of the original tune. In a very short time the Kyoto are gaining worldwide recognition and each and every new track brings a subtle sophisticated mood to the scene.

Thievery Corporation are possibly the most successful nu-lounge act right now, their mix dub and Brazilian moods is absolutely a trademark. In their hands “Bossa per due” takes another dimensions without loosing its original strong emotional feel. A moody jazz trumpet floats over dub and samba beats while spread out keyboards lines surround the sweet vocals. Two great tracks, two very clever dance-floor hits.