Nicola Conte

Released: 2004

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DJ Magazine – LEFTFIELD PAGE – September 2004
Turning more tricks than Jesus, Nicola Conte is something of a miracle worker. And right on cue he’s done it again with this twelve. Acting as a precursor to his new album ‘Other Directions’, it’s business as usual as he fires off two more exemplary lessons in dance floor jazz-traditional, faithful and bursting to the seams with polished, masterful musicianship.

Italian producer Nicola Conte pulls together some cool jazzy beats with a summery feel to match the title. This is perfect for a beach party. Three, four in the afternoon, the sun is starting to get a bit yellow, drinks come out, sangria next to the sun bed, See feet tapping… Its cool.

As Phil & I keep reiterating, every now & again we will review the odd out and out jazz cut, ‘coz if you feel soul music, you must surely understand dance floor jazz. The two tracks featured here are fine examples of the kind of jazz that rocks the party at the North Sea Jazz Festival or during one of those cherished jazz sessions at Southport. Jazz is naturally Darwinist but good jazz is good jazz and ‘Impulso’ pays respect to great labels such as Impulse, Blue Note or Muse with its finger snappin’ flava. The solos are outstanding, As is the rhythm section that finds the sticks gyrating around the kit, Rather like a spinning northern soul dancer. ‘Kind of Sunshine’ is a little more modern, its muttering conga and shuffling drums are tailor made for nu school jazz clubs. Lucia Minetti’s sensual vocal is laid out over the backing with all the skill of a masterful confectioner throwing hot sugar about, Ready to weave a delicate toffee basket. Here Nicola Conte and Lucia Minetti are weaving something much sweeter and tastier and tastier though; this stuff really does melt into a fine piece of galloping contemporary dance floor jazz. Suck it and see!

Blues & Soul Magazine
Sounding like it was tailor made for the sun-glistened bars and steamy dance floors on the banks of the Mediterranean, ‘Kind Of Sunshine’ will brighten up even the most miserable of days for those of us further north. Nicola Conte is the king of today’s future jazz movement and this release adds further ammunition to his incredible array of musical weaponry. ‘Kind of Sunshine’ is the energetic jazzier lost cousin of St Germain’s ‘Rose Rouge’, courtesy of its infatuated vocals, tearaway drums and polite keys. ‘Impulso’ is a more traditional affair, where a scintillating brass and vibraphone combo shine. BPM Magazine in USA Calling all swingers: here’s your slice of vocal jazz heaven from Italy’s swankiest purveyor of bossa nova. On ‘Kind of Sunshine’, Conte lets a sweet trio of trombone, trumpet, and sax take turns in the spotlight over a 4/4 bass drum while ‘Impulso’ keeps everything in the lounge. Laid back sixties-style jazz with a modern flair. – P. N.

Undercover Magazine
A lone double-bass riff invites a jazz lady to tell me I’m her kind of sunshine. She flicks her cigarette to the floor and, as it hits, a driving jazz drums and bongo beat kicks off. The pianist drops some lazy minor chords while nodding to the horns to come out of the shadows and caress the back of her neck with a snaking modal melody before climaxing with a delirious trombone solo. Some music is as good as sex. Impulso encapsulates the best of sixties Blue Note with lively, open, Blakeyesque drums, horns, piano and vibes.

247 Magazine
The swinging Italian comes up with another better. The mood is set at the breaking of dawn, wafting a fragrant sense of serenity, which is further enhanced by the gorgeous vocals from Lucia Minetti, Latin colourings and a generously warm horn solo. On the b-side we have Impulso; energetically flipping the script, the strong modal energy and whooshing pitter-patter of vibes and horn interchanges provide both dance floor promise and the perfect antidote to winter.