Nicola Conte

Released: 2014

  SC 710 | EAN: 8018344217109 | Buy 7"



“Sandalia Dela” and “Baltimore Oriole” are classics, made famous through years by their several re-interpretations.

Nicola Conte takes his turn and gives new life to these songs with the help of British singers Heidi Vogel and Bridgette Amofah, supported by his amazing Combo.

On side A there’s a moving version of Luiz Claudio’s classic “Sandalia Dela”, made famous by Flora Purim interpretation. Heidi Vogel of The Cinematic Orchestra infuses new warmth and softness to the song with her seductive voice.

Hoagy Carmicheal wrote “Baltimore Oriole” during the Second World War. The classic love song morphs and gets a fresh new groove on which Bridgette Amofah’s voice plays unfettered, reviving Paul Webster’s lyrics.