Paolo Fedreghini and Marco Bianchi

Released: 2006

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From the hands of the same Fedreghini-Bianchi, writers of “Several People”, here comes the re-worked version of the album that came out in 2005, revisited by the duo itself. “Several Additional Waves” is an album of reworks more than remixes, where the tracks of the album originally acoustic have been treated and rearranged in a strictly electronic key. Only the vocals have been maintained from the original recording, whereas all the other parts have been played again and re-programmed keeping the same original refinement.

The concept of this album came from the inspiration drawn out of the Club Culture. All electronic and acoustic sounds have been emphasized here even through the use of equipment that was not involved in recording “Several People”: Mini-Moog, Oberheim, Waldorf Microwave. Paolo Fedreghini and Marco Bianchi had fun in making use of such prodigious machines of music technology. The result is in “Several Additional Waves”, where the sound manages to keep rich, refined and elegant, in perfect Fedreghini-Bianchi style. It will not fail to surprise the public for the achieved balance of club grooves combined to refined sounds.