Released: 2024

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After two years and a half, Pietro Santangelo (formerly Nu Genea sax player) and his PS5 ensemble are back to Hyperjazz Records with a brand new album: Echologia.

‘Echologia’ draws inspiration from the idea of natural biodiversity as an expression of contamination, coexistence and balance. In the same way as the biological agents contribute to the life of a certain ecosystem, seemingly distant musical languages act as elements of balance in a fertile and blooming musical system.
Multiculturalism becomes coexistence.

As in the previous ‘Unconscious Collective’ (Hyperjazz, 2021), suggestive saxophone textures intertwine on a solid rhythmic equilibrium and move naturally along an imaginary line highlighting the ancestral connection between Africa and the Mediterranean Sea. In the background, the tribute to the earlier Jamaican dub masters with a strong use of vintage echoes in the mixing phase.

Album cover by Sabrina Cirillo is inspired by the myth of the nymph Echo, the Oread condemned by Juno to be able to express herself by repeating only the last words of the interlocutor, who died of pain due to the impossibility of communicating her love to Narcissus.