Rhapsódija Trio

Released: 2019

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Rhapsodija Trio’s sound has evolved over the years, without denying the structural elements and the inspirational sources that have always characterized it; complex reworks of classical musical themes, interpretations of klezmer, gypsy and popular music but, above all, original songs that make up much of the Trio’s work, as in their eighth new album “UN MONDO, A PEZZI”.

The album is intensely poetic, refined and dramatic, but at the same time playful and light-hearted; it doesn’t hide the most intimate emotions and illusions that are here masterfully interpreted by the Trio and by the precious contributions of guests such as Moni Ovadia, Rachel ‘O Brien, Camilla Barbarito and Fabio Marconi.

Rhapsodija Trio is an instrumental group formed by Maurizio Dehò (violin), Luigi Maione (guitar) and Nadio Marenco (accordion).

Founded in Milan in 1993, they had both an intense concert activity in Italy and abroad, and recordings and television appearances on all national networks. The Trio claims today a long series of important collaborations, especially in the theatrical and film fields: Silvio Soldini, Gabriele Salvatores, Kiko Stella, Paolo Rosa, Lucio Pellegrini, Angelo Ruta, Marta Meszaros, Alessandro D’Alatri, Enzo Monteleone, Beppe Baresi, Compagnia di danza Abbondanza-Bertoni (with shows in Europe, South America and Africa), Massimiliano Cividati, Moni Ovadia, Antonio Albanese, Società del Quartetto, Musicamorfosi, Equivoci Musicali (together with the talented opera singer Rachel ‘O Brien), with two important performances: “Est is Best” and “Gipsy Irish”.