Rosalia De Souza
SAMBA NOVO / BOSSA 31 (Remixes)

Released: 2004

  SCEP 385 | EAN: 8018344113852 | Buy EP 12"



Gianluca’s remix starts with a surdo drum that marks the odd beats in the bar, while the acoustic bass line lifted from the original version of the track, only more present and hypnotic, supports with great determination the whole groove, until in makes way for a 4/4 bass drum. The determined and sustained rhythm is countered by an ethereal modal arrangement of winds a la ”Stolen Moments”, where the flute solo by Paolo Porta adds to this remix a mystical touch, in the style that Yusef Lateef established in the Sixties.

The remix performed by Gerardo Frisina on the other side is a groovy downtempo bossa with the timbales taking over the role that tambourine bass and snare drum commonly play in the typical Brazilian samba. Gerado’s Latin style has by now become unique and unmistakable. In this remix, together with the duo of the Lo Greco brothers, historic cooperators of Gerardo’s, other musicians who were not present on “Hi Note” (SCCD369) contribute with their talents.