S-Tone Inc.

Released: 2020

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“Body & Soul” marks Stefano Tirone aka S-Tone Inc.’s return, three years after “Onda”, a work dense of soul / disco / funk hints from the late ‘70s, a historical period that Stefano fully experienced and that inevitably left deep traces in his way of creating music. This sound has also inspired the two unreleased tracks included in the “Try My Love / Odoya” 45rpm, released in 2019, and is developed even further in this new full-length.

As usual “Body & Soul” welcomes the presence of several guest artists, starting from Stefano’s long-time friend and collaborator Toco, here singing in four songs; he is also accompanied by a vocal trio that carries the listener into a world where Brazilian melodies blend with typical ‘70s disco rhythms. Laura Fedele is in the game again too: in “In the Name of Love” she elegantly dresses a jazz-funk piece characterized by Carlo Nicita’s flute, reminiscent of the famous Mizell Brothers. Laura also participates in the title track, a true manifesto of the album characterized by a funky bass line and by the space-disco atmosphere of the voices and the Wurlitzer.

Among the new collaborations we have Afra Kane, a Nigerian singer who has lived in Italy, England and Switzerland, who gives a peculiar black shade to the album songs with her splendid voice, and Donatinho, son of the legendary João Donato, playing Rhodes and Moog and gracing Stefano’s music with his refined touch.

“Midnight Sun”, a cinematic-flavoured instrumental track that pays homage to The Maestro Ennio Morricone, who passed away in July 2020, closes a beautiful record captivating and precious in every note.