The Dining Rooms

Released: 2014

  SCCD 472 | EAN: 8018344014722 | Buy CD



Schema Records proudly presents the special reissue of The Dining Rooms’ “Numero Deux”.

Originally released in 2001 on Schema’s sister label Milano 2000 (Europe) and Chicago cult label Guidance Recordings (U.S.A. and Japan), the album is considered a classic in Trip-Hop history and got international acclaim by taste makers like Thievery Corporation, Zero 7 and Four Tet, which remixed “Così ti Amo”.

Jazz and funk textures, dreamy keyboard melodies, Balearic guitar vibes and sultry female vocals create an engaging montage of sublime Mediterranean flavored Trip-Hop soundscapes.

Imagine DJ Shadow and Ennio Morricone scoring the soundtrack of a Jean Luc Godard film and you’ll get the picture!

The album has been remastered and features two previously unreleased tracks and new liner notes by Emanuele Sacchi (Rumore magazine / Hong Kong Express)