The Dining Rooms

Released: 2004

  SCCD 372 | EAN: 8018344013725 | Buy CD



The Dining Rooms have always been in love with the art of remixing, reshaping songs according to their sensibility and feelings. It’s natural then that they choose to publish this remix album as a worthy successor of thier acclaimed “Tre”.

“Versioni Particolari” is a collection of rmxs and rework previously available only on 12″ and features some first class artists from the broken/afro/latin/jazzy scene. Names like Cinematic Orchestra, Nicola Conte, SoulPatrol, John Kong and BigBang and Fourtet are a real evidence of how much The Dining Rooms are respected and esteemed into the scene. It seems that all these artsis, even if their background and influences are different, caught the essence of TDR music and literally felt the music in the same way (and this is exactely the greek root of the term “sympathy”, to feel togheter, with), creating a completely unexpected homogeneity that you seldom can find in a rmx project. The Dining Rooms then, had the need to revise some tracks to create their own rework version.

10 remixes, 2 reworks by TDR plus a great unreleased track: 13 new gems to discover…