Various Artists

Released: 2012

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01 Gaetano Partipilo feat. Alice Ricciardi – Beyond the Days
written by Gaetano Partipilo and Alice Ricciardi
taken from “Besides – Songs for the Sixties” SC460

02 Alessandro Magnanini feat. Liam McKahey – But not for You
written by Alessandro Magnanini
taken from “Someway still I Do” SC448

03 Andrea Balducci – Hurt so Bad
written by Teddy Randazzo and Bobby Hart
taken from “Bloom” SC459

04 Mario Biondi – I’m her Daddy (Daddy’s point of view version)
written by Bill Withers and Booker T. Jones
taken from “Change od Scenes” SC455

05 Gerardo Frisina – Walz for Emily
written by Gerardo Frisina
taken from “Join the Dance” SC452

06 S-Tone Inc. – Some kind of Blues (Grooveman Spot remix)
written by Stefano Tirone and Laura Fedele
taken from “Lost & Found” SC462

07 Toco – Guarapiranga
written by Tomaz Di Cunto
taken from “Outro Lugar” SC419

08 Rosalia De Souza – Banzo
written by Marcos Valle and Odilon Olyntho Filho
taken from “D’improvviso” SC443

09 The Dining Rooms feat. Jake Reid – Fading Gradually
written by Stefano Ghittoni, Cesare Malfatti and Jake Reid
taken from “Lonesome Traveller” SC454

10 Christian Prommer’s Drumlesson Plays TDR – Hear Us Now
written by Stefano Ghittoni, Cesare Malfatti and Georgeanne Kalweit
taken from “The Jazz Thing” SC444

11 Alex Puddu – Alta Tensione 3A.M.
written by Alessandro Puddu
taken from “Registrazioni al Buio” SCEB911

12 Jouce Elaine Yuille – Welcome to my World (Acoustic version)
written by Ermanno Principe and Joyce Elaine Yuille

13 Timo Lassy – The Good Life
written by Sasha Distel
taken from “In with Lassy” SC458