Andrea Balducci

Released: 2012

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This debut album represents a great artistic challenge, an example of Schema’s research and production work.

The research has identified a selection of songs capable to enhance the best qualities of his voice and involve him emotionally; a rich ensemble of tracks studied across several musical genres with the aim of showing off the interpretation.
The resulting tracklist consists of a series of tracks wisely rearranged and modernized, enriched by the presence of two previously unreleased gems by Ermanno Principe, a well known singer, drummer and multi instrumentalist on the milanese scene.

The sound of Schema is the fil rouge of this record which features three exceptional finnish musicians: directly from the ‘Five Corners Quintet’ tenor sax player Timo Lassy, trumpetist Jukka Eskola and drummer Teppo Maykynen.
Famous italian jazz players Gaetano Partipilo, Luca Mannutza and Pietro Ciancaglini, along with guests like Alessandro Magnanini and Sandro de Bellis complete the ensemble.

Arrangements have been made by Pietro Ciancaglini, who also arranged Mario Biondi’s “Handful of Soul”. Here Pietro delivers a brass section worthy of a big band even if writing for only three voices.