Andrea Balducci

Released: 2012

  SC 702 | EAN: 8018344217024 | Buy 7"



This single introduces Andrea Balducci’s “Bloom” album.

These two tracks ideally represent the album’s musical journey, from Soul, Rhythm’n’Blues, Funk and Jazz in a smooth and refined blend.

“The Letter”, a famous ’60 hit, was inspired by Willie Hutch and Al Green’s versions, but here we have the complexity of the black roots rhythm mixed with a vocal line more similar to European artists such as Jamie Cullum.

“Big City” is a ¾ timing Jazz tune, arranged in the usual Schema style and reminding a bit of the live version by Cannonball Adderley sung by Ernie Andrews.

Andrea has been playing southern France, Italian, Austrian, Dubai and New York’s clubs for years, piling up experiences and shaping his voice around evergreen classics.

Now he feels it’s time to record some of this vast repertoire, and to do so he’s chosen Schema Records. The recording session featured three finnish guys from the acclaimed Five Corners Quintet, we’re talking about Teppo Mäkynen, Jukka Eskola and Timo Lassy who delivered great sounds and vibes.