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A project by Davide Penta and Pippo Lombardo, respectively basso and piano player of the group Balanço, Balanço is the new proposal signed Fez. Under the artistic production fo Nicola Conte, the band is running through a music route along which you may find bossa and jazz, soundtracks and songs, and even a fusion between drum n’ bass and easy listening such as the tune “Acquadream”, from the debut album “Bossa & Balanço”.

The album was released in 1997 providing an interesting combination of original compositions by the two artists and rmxs of classic tracks such as “Metti una Sera a Cena” by Ennio Morricone and “Cinnamon & Clove” by Johnny Mandel. Musically the album is shaped by numerous combinations of instruments; from Harpsichords and Hammonds to Afro-Brazilian percussions and Mediterranean melodies all with the complicity of the versatile voice of Mariella Carbonara.