Cabaret Noir

Released: 2004

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Their poetic imaginary being an intimate portrait of human moods, their music could be described almost like a slideshow of human moods and character where the main figure is often absent or dramatically obscured. The tales of “Cabaret Noir” are haunted by paradoxical visions: a collection of melancholic, moody reflections that seem to find their ideology in a film noir…

Mellow and sensuous stories but surrealistic and ironic at the same time. Cabaret Noir’ s atmosphere is an evocative sequence of soundscapes: almost an imaginary soundtrack that has its roots in jazz. An ethereal, visionary and dreamy atmosphere. The songs of “Cabaret Noir” alternate different moods, blending cinematic soundscapes with the latest trends in down-tempo music. A balanced tapestry where synth samples coexist with violins or the irony of a tuba. The cd includes video track of “The Ironic Death” by Pietro Marcello.

Cabaret Noir are: Pasquale Bardaro (Music & Vibes) and Barbara De Dominicis (Lyrics and Voice). Their debut album features some of the best musicians around both in the jazz or classic music scene: Mirko Signorile (piano) Gaetano Partipilo (sax) Vincenzo Bardaro (drums) Giorgio Vendola (double bass) Nicola Stilo (flute & guitar) Sabrina Consoli (flute) Alessandro Modesti (trumpet) The strings quartet from “San Carlo Royal Theatre” (Giovanna Maggio, Daniele Colombo, Fabio Centurione, Piero Lo Popolo), Simone Barboncini (french horn) Mariano Lucci (bass clarinet) and many others. The arrangement are by Pasquale Bardaro.