Gerardo Frisina & Toco

  SCLP 487 | EAN: 8018344114873 | Buy EP 12"



Schema Records’ musician and producer Gerardo Frisina has certainly got the ability to play his own distinctive style without being repetitive, and this record is no exception. His skills in working with strong percussive and tribal elements have now delivered us this brand new collaboration with Schema songwriter Toco, the result of various artistic meetings in our offices, spontaneously born from many listening sessions of Brazilian music LP’s.

The music contained in this 12” record stands in the middle between Rio and Bahia, merging together the Brazilian rhythmic culture and groove (Toco) with the modern sound of clubbing latin jazz (Frisina); the most observant will surely recognize a strong link in its cover artwork with the legendary 1965 LP “Em Forma!” by Bossa Três.

“Frisina meets Toco” is also enriched by the presence of the young pianist and composer Vitor Araújo, whose signature style is especially noticeable in the instrumental version of the song “Craque”, which suddenly breaks in the middle and showcases a piano solo section that will leave you breathless!

Another impressive effort from two of the most creative and revered Schema Records artists!