S-Tone Inc.
TRY MY LOVE / ODOYA (feat. Toco)

Released: 2019

  SC 722 | EAN: 8018344217222



Stefano Tirone is an eclectic artist, open to a wide range of different music genres. This new 7-inch, that includes two brand new tracks, confirms his 20-year old collaboration with Brazilian songwriter Toco. Working on these songs for Stefano was like going back to the years when he used to listen to Acid Jazz music, especially to the records produced by the Mizell brothers.

Their influence here is obvious from the first notes: the funk in “Try My Love” is not as high-fueled as in James Brown’s songs but, as the legendary brothers taught us, by blending a hint of soul jazz with the ‘70s downtempo drumming groove, we get a fluid brew, relaxed and dreamy. This is exactly what “Try My Love” is about.

“Odoya”, featuring Toco on vocals, is a bit more faster composition, that would perfectly fit as a soundtrack of a typical Italian police movie from the same decade! Simply fantastic!