Les Hommes

Released: 2002

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Three guys from London play live (drums, hammond, vibraphone and percussions).

Here is the marketing logo:
Mise en scene, a cigar smoulders in the ash tray, a mellow cavaldos rests close by, it’s time for LES HOMMES… a selection of audio moods from the sound rack for your listening/dancing pleasure…
The album is set up like a soundtrack. It needs to be listened to from the beginning to the end because all the tracks are connected and each one builds up to the next.

A car interior, the radio is switched on. No other cars are on the road; dawn is about to break, as The Driver shifts up a gear.
The mist hovers a few feet above the ground as the music wafts out of the speaker.
The Driver tightens his grip on the steering wheel just as the road bends sharply to the left and enters the forest…

2.05am, somewhere in Berlin, it’s 2 degrees below zero and you still can’t find that hip club listed on the flyer that you picked up hours earlier from your contact.
Suddenly you can just about hear what sounds like some muted Tijuana trumpet echoing down a gloomily lit side street, this must be the place.
From the outside it looks like a long forgotten bierkeller, the flickering neon sign above the door announces, “CLUB REAL”.
On entering, the audio/visual overload hits…this is it, the fantasy club scene that only ever existed before in your mind’s eye.

The grandmaster effortlessly tells it like it is, he has a way with words which resonates with the rhythm, transcending the actual sounds vibrating in his voicebox, creating a groove that is infectious… the apprentice drinks in the ambience of the growling pearls of wisdom – Six & Eight

WEEGEE The sun is blinding, the sound of the waves crash over the beach. You hear what sounds like a lone guitarist approaching, strumming a hypnotic melody, you lift you head up and look around but nobody’s there… the tune continues to run round in your head until the guitarist returns, this time it’s for real.

Pamplona, Spain 1971. A deserted narrow dusty street… there is distant rumbling in the air, the church bells begin to peal. Quick, load a fresh Super 8 cartridge into the camera… The sound of the approaching bulls interweaves with first crack of thunder. The first running youth appears at the end of the street closely followed by two frantic bulls… time to focus the camera.
The viewfinder comes into life, and sharpens just as the heavens open and the storm passes directly overhead. An almighty crash of thunder and a fork of lightening hits the church tower, the bell fractures into a thousand pieces scattering the road… what a sound!

Jump-cut to a left-bank jazz club. The band kicks off the last set of the evening with a modal mood. The fourth homme surveys the scene then takes out a pen and begins to draw on a paper napkin.

Splashdown sounds, earth re-entry music… The astronauts wind down after the stresses of outer space with a beautiful but melancholic melody playing on the 8-track. The console flashes “splashdown is complete”, eager to get some real air the astronauts wrestle with the hatch, finally it opens; the music of the gently lapping waves fills the nosecone and melds with the music… the vista framed by the hatch is extraordinary. The most beautiful desert island on earth is just off in the distance. Without a word to each other the astronauts exit the nosecone and swim towards the island…

VISTA DO MAR Dreamy days. Your companion’s headscarf flutters wildly in the rush of air as you turn into yet another hairpin bend – almost at the top now – Audrey shifts in her seat and opens her compact and applies a fresh layer of lipstick… the ocean comes into view, down on the beach the party is in full swing. The anticipation, the smell of the fish cooking over the fire. It’s second gear and downhill all the way now – easy!

Nu-Braniff Airlines departure lounge, the PA system plays an understated funk groove, you must know what the tune is, as you draw near the information desk the hostess is already starting to remove her headphones, before you can utter a sound she hands you the reel and says…

Down in the docks the ferry slowly approaches the port, gradually the air is filled with samba drums… so many revellers are waiting to join the carnival… Eurydice scans the faces of the crowd on the boat, where is Orpheus?
Someone emerges from the mass of humanity and leaps the last few feet between the boat and the shore, holding a guitar above his head and smiling uncontrollably… it’s him!
Eurydice runs towards him as the drums increase in intensity, carnival has arrived…