Released: 2002

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The concept:
To orchestrate fragments of life through modern and old technologies, sounds from round the world, fragments like notes from a journey through the civilizations of sounds, photography, pieces of civilization and life which join together in a unique sound through the art of the aesthetic orchestration of a prospective.
A glance out the window at home.
The technique of technology.
The importance of the development of technology applied to music and new paths opened still in continuous evolution.

New creative methods by now assimilated from the present little by little become part of a tradition and project themselves towards a future of blends.
Today electronics is a synonym of modernity in that it also lives its own tradition, just as modernity and tradition evolve by always reflecting the societies which they form from.

Password: make necessity a virtue.
Take advantage of the qualities of what you have at your disposal by sometimes accentuating what the “academy” might define as a defect inspiration and creativity are needed to open new paths.

DJ set / electronics / Live performances
Music: complete eclectics stile

nu jazz / nu house / brazilian beat / afro elements / old schools & roots

A great passion and respect for all that is referable to jazz as an expression of freedom with particular attention to elegance and quality DJ sets that describe explanatory paths of sounds, from their roots to today.