Nicola Conte

Released: 2009

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All round artist and reference point in the International nu-jazz scene, Nicola Conte for over ten years has been considered as synonym of music quality, competence and style.

Just one year after the release of “Rituals”, a record that has inherited the artistic maturity expressed in the previous “Other Directions”, the artist from Bari is back with a new album titled “The Modern Sound Of Nicola Conte – Versions in Jazz Dub”.

This work has a dual viewpoint: if on one hand it illustrates the best remixes of the last years, on the other hand it also offers some unreleased pieces. Together with the remixes produced for classic jazz inspired-artists such as Till Brönner, Mark Murphy and The Five Corners Quintet, we also find some Latin funk representatives of high calibre such as Luisito Quintero and Roberto Roena, while in the electronic scene Bobby Hughes, Povo and Sunaga T Experience.

Referring instead to the unreleased pieces we mention the brilliant and fresh “Charade”, a re-interpretation of the classic by Henry Mancini which goes back to the recording days of “Other Directions”; “New Blues” and “All Or Nothing At All”, two tracks which are instead part of the last recording session of “Rituals”. It belongs to the second record instead the fourth and last unreleased piece: “Black Is The Graceful Veil”, included in the album “Rituals”, that here we find in an elegant acoustic guise. Then for the first time are here released on CD the pieces “Castles In The Rain”, “Groovy Samba” and “Solo”.

“The Modern Sound Of Nicola Conte – Versions in Jazz Dub” is more than a simple disc of remixes, it is a work that tells in music the artistic way of the Italian producer, confirming once again his great versatility. It is a record which fully represents the “cosmopolitan” sound of Nicola Conte, and it also proves the high regard from international artists and developed among the years.

As for the studio albums, also this last work by Nicola is the fruit of the meeting with talented musicians, and actually friends too, such as Pietro Ciancaglini, Daniele Scannapieco, Lorenzo Tucci, Pietro Lussu, Gaetano Partipilo, Rosario Giuliani and Sandro Deida, Fabrizio Bosso, Flavio Boltro and Giovanni Amato, and the Finn Teppo Mäkynen and Timo Lassy.
The fascinating voices distributed in the tracks of this album belong to Lisa Bassenge, Maki Mannami, Kim Sanders, Alice Ricciardi, José James and Philipp Weiss.