Parov Stelar

Released: 2006

  EAN: 8018344120140 | Buy EP 12"



The mutual respect between Big Sur Recordings and Etage Noir lead to this hot collaboration from Parov Stelar.

Side A presents “The Last Dance” a catchy club tune that is jazzy as much as funky. It reels around an interesting sax sample, echoing similar works by Mr Scruff. The rhythm is simple yet in a 4/4 straight bass drum for the club. Piano and percussions towards the end add flavour to the track.

On side B “Tony Montana”, a faster beat for another jazzy tune on the dance-floor. The trumpet mute along the use of rides and vibes make it even jazzier. The hand-clapping in the middle adds a light funk flavour which gets stronger by the sampled ‘black voice’ taking it towards the end. Fresh, summery and jazzy dance.

This EP is completed by another remixed version of “The Last Dance” where the samples are looped even more infectiously. The strong jazzy intro gives way to a very rhythmic yet musical tune. Perfect as last drop to a jazz-dance dj-set.