Perigeo was an Italian group, whose sound is a great example of ‘fusion’, brilliantly blending jazz-rock and progressive-rock. The group was founded by jazz musician and double-bass player Giovanni Tommaso. A quintet, Perigeo featured other four incredible musicians, Bruno Biriaco (drums), Claudio Fasoli (sax), Tony Sidney (guitar) and Franco D’Andrea. These musicians, were all part of the Italian jazz scene, but Perigeo was an experimental project steering from traditional jazz.

Albums such as ‘Azimut’, ‘Abbiamo tutti un Blues Da Piangere’ and ‘Genealogia’ were published in a span of few years during the 70s, highlight the great virtuosity of the players through amazing solos, a modern approach that blended technique, improvisation and the use of new instruments such as Moog synthesizers.

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