Paolo Fedreghini


Born in Milan a “bunch” of years ago, Paolo Fedreghini got infected by his father’s passion for music and when he was only five years old, he spent much time listening to music and trying to play keyboards. After two years of lessons of Classic piano, his interest in rock and soul pushed him in other directions. His passion for funk and disco music opened for him the doors of a small town radio station, where he hosted a black and funk music show.

His activity as a DJ in a more important radio, in discotheques and private parties further widened Paolo’s knowledge of music and he kept investing all his savings in the purchase of records and keyboards, that enabled him to compose music for himself and his friends. In the mid-Eighties, he formed a funk band (Flower Funk Band), whose sound was heavily contaminated with drum and percussion rhythms, with the addition of horns, rhythm guitar and, of course, the Fender Rhodes that Paolo is still using in his productions. With the advent of the Nineties, he left the band, because he wished to deepen his knowledge of piano. His teacher was Marco Bianchi, highly esteemed pianist on the Italian jazz scene. Very soon, a sincere friendship is born, strengthened by their love of music and shared philosophies.

Today, Paolo Fedreghini is artistically engaged in different directions: record productions for Schema Records, music consultancy for the Mediaset Group, scoring of films, documentaries and TV shows, audio applications for painting/art/photography exhibitions, as well as nights as a DJ and live concerts. Among the productions that see him side by side with Marco Bianchi, there’s an album titled “Officine”, released on Milano 2000, a single that revisits Sahib Shihab’s song “Please Don’t Leave, that was successful in clubs and was included into a number of compilations, among which the prestigious “Hotel Costes Vol. 7”. His latest contribution to Schema is the collaboration with Gerardo Frisina in the brand new album “Join The Dance”.

* * *