Puccio Roelens

Released: 2016

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Amleto Armando Roelens, also known under the artistic pseudonym of Puccio, had a musical career almost entirely devoted to jazz; he was one of the first, with his orchestra, to play music that, especially at the end of World War II, was regarded as a bad import product. After some collaborations with RAI, the Italian national television, his meeting with another composer, Armando Sciascia, made it possible for him to arrange many albums released by Vedette Records (Sciascia’s own label) and, in the mid-seventies, to compose some of the rarest and most precious library music; this includes the ultra-cult “Feelings”, on behalf of Jay Richford and Gary Stevan, which sees Stefano Torossi, Sandro Brugnolini and Giancarlo Gazzani’s collaboration.

“Musica per commenti sonori”, also known as “Lipstick” and released by Costanza, came out in 1979 after a couple of memorable LP’s, “Research Of Sound” and “Rock Satellite”, and is one of Roelen’s latest examples of library music before his death, which occurred in 1985. As in the two previous albums, the tracks are often characterized by a typical late-seventies funky mood, but they also feature some laid down moments that would sound great in some erotic films soundtracks. ‘Music for all hours’ says the back cover, and that’s perfectly true. For those wishing to have fun dancing, there’s nothing better than to set the turntable needle on tracks such as “Slip Back”, “Cobwebs”, “Leewards” and “Lipstick”, while for the hottest nightlife interludes we recommend “Rusty Letters” and “Effuse” without any hesitations. Puccio Roelens style…

Stefano Gilardino