Quintetto Lo Greco

Released: 2007

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Research in jazz along with solid live sessions that were frequent in the latest years, have lead the Lo Greco brothers to feel the urge of composing articulate pieces upon a rhythmic and harmonic texture that is typical of a quintet. This way they aimed at creating modal and post hard-bop sound atmospheres, with reference and reverence to the golden years of quintets like those of Miles Davin and J.Coltrane, W.Shorter and F. Hubbard, not forgetting the drumming of Elvin Jones. Strong influences come from those greatest artists of the past who continue to inspire Lo Greco’s compositions and arrangements. The use of 3/4 and 6/8 shapes the quintet’s rhythmic, which is almost as dancing over the passionate and soft pieces, whereas the medium fast drive of 4/4 is the expression of the musicians coming to terms with improvisations and phrasing. In turn they display solos, whilst in swing bounce slow compositions melodies entwine with solos to involve musicians and listeners in the same emotions. The emotion is ever present in each track of the album. Homogeneity, a sound warm and clear, deepness and space give to this album’s compositions a certain artistic quality and intensity.