Rhapsódija Trio

Released: 2011

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What do on the same stage a violin of 1700, a Gibson Les Paul of 1971 and an accordion of Stradella? They summarize the new style of Rhapsòdija Trio.
An ensemble of immediate impact, more “electric”, evocative and more passionate…

In this new formula Rhapsòdija Trio show an extract of their production from ’95… from their songs to those kletzner completely rearranged, to exquisite interpretations of classical pieces and Argentine tango. 4 new songs from the Gypsy tradition, are revisited in sound and construction.

But what really amazes is the vision, the ability to arrange, intelligent and visceral. Their wisdom flows without ostentation among new ways of expression. A communion of ages and styles, a mixture of marked individuality and generous multiplayer games.
This song desperately cheerful gathers nostalgia.People beats the time without worrying about the future. Man cross the space with a simple and proud glance.
Looking at the chaos, there are no questions, no answers.
An unusual disorder of free choices, keeps people confused.

Rhapsòdija Trio does not pass, does not arrive. They just flow…