Rosalia De Souza

Released: 2003

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This work is like a rebirth after experiencing very hard times! I figured out that you must suffer before you’re able show the people that you really care about something. But everything will be OK. It wasn’t easy to get to this stage, but here we are! From now on it’s like being in springtime.
I talked a lot with Nicola during the making of the record; we went through the works we’d done in the past and we decided together what to do and what to stay away from. Exchanging our impressions was very important: we built together a world of our own, made of the feelings that we wanted to share.

TEMPO FUTURO, MAIS, SAMBA NOVO, AS GOTAS, BOSSA 31, ZONA SUL: these songs celebrate life, everyone’s life not just mine. I’ll never get fed up with talking about love…

CANTO DE OSSANHA: this was my biggest dream! To play this song. To talk about how many times love knocks on your door, from adolescence on. Dazzled by love!

IPANEMA: there’s no bigger emotion for a “carioca” than singing the life of his/her own city!

MARIA MOITA: it was a bet. A new arrangement for such ancient and true words.

FICA MAL COM DEUS: it’s a gift to the generation of my parents: they lived a radical change in the life of our country. And basically it’s a tribute to its author. Rest in Peace. In the sky.

ADRIANA: exciting. It’s the song I would have loved to sing to my children, lulling them to sleep. Now I sing it for the world, for every baby on the planet.

SAUDOSISMO: this kind of special feeling called “saudade” hasn’t got a cure. Caetano Veloso brings to our minds this thing that we can’t explain with words.

MAR AZUL: this song was presented to me on a silver tray while we were recording the album. It’s a complement, meaning that everything changes and yet all remains the same… like the sea.