Released: 1999

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Soulstance is the name of the new project by Enzo and Gianni Lo Greco, worldwide known as “Lo Greco Brothers”. From many years, with their own band, they are earning a widespread success thanks to their usual, original and exhilarating blend of funky-jazz fusion, of whom they are performers, producers, authors and arrangers.

Enzo Lo Greco plays double bass, 6 strings electric bass, fretless. If we look at his numerous live or in studio collaboration with several jazz and fusion bands, we easily recognize a personality of a virtuous person, always looking for new instrumental standard. Gianni Lo Greco is a drum and percussion player, never interrupting his activity of composer and arranger. Thank to his excellent performing technique and to his great creativity, he is one of the most esteemed drummer of the contemporary scene, One of his principal characteristics is an overpowering drumming, as soloist and even improvising.

Together, they are known as the warmest and the most harmonious rhythm section of the Italian musical panorama, and of course they are very requested as session men by the best musicians. During their professional career they have collaborated with prestigious names and in their curriculum you can find names as: S. Fanni, G. Bedori, G. Baiocco, R. Sellani, S, Palumbo, M. Rusca, E. Boltro, P. Bassini, F. Olivieri, D. Moroni, L. Bonafede, G. Manusardi, G. Liguori, G. Cifarelli, E. Avitabile and many more. At the same prestige level is the list of their collaboration with international artists: Chet Baker, Brian Auger, Tommy Campbell, Kurt Weil, Jimmy Owens.

The Lo Greco Brothers appeared on the Italian record scene in 1985, releasing an album in collaboration with G. Cifarelli titled “Coca & Rhum”. In 1988, with F. Boltro, M. Colombo and C. Cabesaz, they recorded the “Up Trio”, where we can already recognize the usual fresh music, essentially instrumental, never based on a cold virtuosity. In 1990 they release, with G. Visibelli D Faiella, M. Colombo, D. Dj Gregorio, a CD with the title of “Full Time”, where we found different musical directions due to the personal background of each performers. In 1993, “Segreti d’Autore”, containing thirteen original tracks, from jazz to new age, classic music, latin, with some of the typical expression of the Mediterranean culture, always with a great sense of melody and rhythm. Further on, with the Radical Stuff, they released a live CD titled “The Jazzy Rap Night”. Together, they were trying to fond in an unique style two different cultures of the same “American black” social extraction, but different concerning the historical collocation. Then, Jazz as traditionally cultural music, and Rap as contemporary manifestation of maladjustment and social protest. Final result of this “Live” is a style completely original, characterized by an extraordinary energy.

Already in touch with the Edizioni Ishtar and encouraged by their producer, Luciano Cantone, the Lo Greco bros are now starting this new project. This time we find Jazz, Bossa Nova, Funk, Soul and R&B, a sound who can be listened and can be danced.