Released: 2003

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Soulstance is the famous monicker chosen by Lo Greco Bros, Enzo and Gianni, a duo capable to express latin and atmospheric jazz with an impeccable touch and a full mastery of instruments. With this new third album, “LifeSize”, they develop their familiar sound, a traveling guide through Brazilian music, the crazy world of soundtracks, nu-jazz-beats-bossa and Italian easy listening. Without a doubt we can say Soulstance did a nice job on making a new album that continuos the stylish relaxing grooves of “Act On” adding some new perspectives due to some smooth drum’n’bass and housy influences.

Those new elements and wider directions, togheter with typical Soulstance sounds like flute and sax build a solid rhythmic groove, straight and fluid. But there is a side of Soulstance exploring more into latin sounds as well here. Take “Caribe’ samba”, “Zenith” or “Honesty” that nicely blends the Soulstance sound with Brazilian flavoured samba touches. Finally, some of the tracks, “Lift Up”, “Soul Ensemble” and “Nucleus” feature that fine combination of Acid/Bossa Jazz with lounge gestures plus those smooth touches of d’n’b and house. In a few words: a superb album of uncompromising fine jazz-grooves!